J F Brown UAV Ltd


areial Surveys

We use the latest Air UAV technology’ to perform to Millimetre precision Surveys we can give you detailed information that you just cant get on the ground. We perform Aerial inspections for most types of industries from Residential, Commercial,retail for both the Private & Public Sectors. Projects ranging from Roof Inspections Land Surveys and Volume Measurements.

All of out Remote Pilots are CAA Approved for Commercial Operations and fully insured.

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SEE it all

Aerial Views give a new perspective and also give you new knowledge.

We Provide Video Photography and 3D aerial image data, We will get the data you want and need to move your project forwards.

  • 20 Megapixel images
  • Up to 4K video
  • Heights of 400 Ft
  • CAD Editable Files
  • Report on the findings of the Survey


3D Point Cloud Imaging and Photography

Our 3D Mapping systems give you the most up to date Images we fly over your Land that you wish to map

OrthoMosaic Image