Services to the Quarry Industry

J F Brown Uav Quarry Flight

Aerial Inspection Surveys

Drone Detail

Get all of the details without Endangering the Safety of Personnel and keep on working

With inspections you are going into the unknown by the nature of them you are checking if something is safe and fit for purpose.

finding a safety issue when a person is there certainly isn’t ideal.

With sending a Drone up this doesn’t endanger Lives

Often the plant doesn’t need to be powered down allowing the survey to be carried out whilst the plant is still in production.(Although this is sometimes necessary due to safety issues)

Health & Safety

Your staff and clients safety is you number 1 priority we can help keep you safe.

We can provide site induction Video’s and Images of your site 

  • Site Induction video’s 
  • show your new site visitors around before they even arrive on site.
  • Health & Safety Site posters Taylor made to show everything you need.
  • Aerial images of new site for site planning 
  • Monitoring Open & Closed Site inspections
  • Perimeter Site checks
  • Site inspections for Safety of buildings and Equipment 

Stock Pile Volumes

We have the benefit of experience with our sister company J F Brown Surveys

  • Accurate Volumes of Stock Piles in a timely manor
  • Efficient and safe 
  • Creation of 3D images 
  • Cad Editable files exportable
  •  +/-20mm Accuracy using Base data from Ground based Kinematic Rovers.

Anything And Everything Else

Drones and UAV aircraft can help in a huge range of projects

  • Planning Applications
  • Security Issues.
  • Erosion Checks
  • Project Visualisations to help show you vision

So Much more If you have a project in mind we would love to discuss it and help in any way we can.